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To all of youse (WG talk) that talk crap about me you get a Coolio lyric from Gangsta's paradise i ain't never crossed a fool that didn't deserve it. Now go back to your mom's basements fucktards.
Satrapes on Thursday February 9, 2012
eat shit, talk shit
tsu-ge-liang on Monday November 7, 2011
after i flag him he attack. fucling asshole! nothing more...
Matyi Somogyi on Sunday November 6, 2011
Satrapes, LOL. It was fun killing you and your PGA buddy (PGA: Devin Kent + Satrapes). You hostile, angry little man.
ChristSaves on Wednesday October 19, 2011
The whine is strong in this one
Lord Death on Wednesday July 27, 2011
pga with hellenian and lexx!
Poolander on Saturday July 23, 2011
Fair player :)
Czester on Friday July 22, 2011
dom whore
absolut3886 on Wednesday July 20, 2011
Fucked another player by hitting him after a roll .... not cool dude
Gulgaio on Saturday July 16, 2011
asshole, stabber
poolparty on Friday July 15, 2011
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