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idiot player
diemichi on Thursday April 19, 2012
Thanks for keeping teal off my back for so long...tnx to that i got first afterall. :)
jason donovan on Thursday November 12, 2009
fair player
Man Of The Year on Saturday November 7, 2009
fucking dumbass and piece of shit. kill this backstabbing asshole always first. never seen such an idiot
Pustekuchen on Wednesday October 28, 2009
Fair player
818L8 on Tuesday October 27, 2009
dont trust, backstabber
Scorf on Friday October 9, 2009
fuck you stupid wuss and lick my ass in the butt...
h2obilly on Friday October 2, 2009
Too nice player.:) He lost position bcause he let other players fight.
vuk on Friday October 2, 2009
watch out for this guy
simicicy on Saturday September 12, 2009
Fantastic player - we truced and he came *very* close to beating the other 5 who all countered. I was useless, but I respect such a skilled player and would love to play him again
AYBG on Thursday August 13, 2009
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