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Attacked me long after accepting my flag because I was in a two vs one. There where three of us, idiot. Tell me when you can divide that evenly.
tiraid on Friday October 28, 2011
Nix, is a little quick tempered but that's okay (I deserved it) Keep it up Nix; you're all right :)
MilitarySon on Monday October 10, 2011
good guy, fair player - keep up ur style!!! :)
fish28 on Sunday September 18, 2011
Good natured guy, doesn't whine. Which means I hate playing with him.
Bart Lee on Sunday September 18, 2011
I love him, he's kinda awesome. :)
CheshireUZ on Saturday September 10, 2011
Backstabber and PGa
Steinii on Thursday August 25, 2011
mixed reviews... I guess I'll give you a break.
EddyB on Thursday August 18, 2011
Have i already say it? Nice and funny player!
dottir on Friday July 29, 2011
Great player, GT.
Captain_Falcon on Wednesday July 20, 2011
good, fair player
Held_SaSo on Wednesday July 20, 2011
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