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Cried and cursed at me the whole game because I didn't take second - and fought him for 1st and won. He cheats to do whatever he can to try and win. He flags, but then doesn't respect it when he is in first.
Bob928 on Thursday January 7, 2010
plays like a real shithead. kill him first if you want a fair game
cinzano on Wednesday December 2, 2009
moulue on Wednesday November 25, 2009
good man. trusted.
DMoney1986 on Saturday March 14, 2009
+++++++good and fair player+++++++
TylerD on Sunday November 23, 2008
just an idiot.
OviloN on Thursday October 30, 2008
not patience to wait for people to fight, attacks flags to get the game over
potato27 on Friday October 10, 2008
my bad attacking you when you flagged 3rd but i hadn't flagged second, i was still shooting for first.
emilte on Sunday October 5, 2008
Piece of shit. PGA with devi (another *bigger* piece of shit).
eviIsamurai on Sunday October 5, 2008
Doesnt respect flags. Dont trust him.
juke_de on Thursday September 25, 2008
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