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nexeto, I don't have to take flags and I said that I don't accept yours. So it was more than legal to attack your lands after I told you that! Situation: 4 players left, I was first, two other players were fighting for 2nd/3rd, nexeto wanted to flag with two lands left without a chance to move somewhere. Make your own opinion! Sick of those stupid reviews given by sutpid whinny players.
Rama_Joe on Thursday October 20, 2011
don't flag him, this asshole does not accept nor respect flags, just for fun.
nexeto on Thursday October 20, 2011
fucking asshole I will take revenge one day
sergen on Monday October 10, 2011
whn he gets his ass kicked he calls me a jerk get a life loser.
Roland Speich on Thursday July 21, 2011
Obviously likes to post on other players' walls whenever he plays bad and loses...
Chefe on Sunday June 26, 2011
Backstabber KoS even if he fflags he will still attack you so make sure you kill him
bluff or not? on Saturday June 25, 2011
So whne you get your ass kicked you call me a jerk :D. Tells lot about you... get a life loser.
Palapala on Tuesday June 21, 2011
du gehörst in die 2 liga
iron on Monday May 16, 2011
PGA with mpeters
Juanma Gm on Monday April 11, 2011
he and robario are PGA BASTARDS MOTHERFUCKER SOON OF BITCS and he flaged in the round 1 what a phatetic idiot
The Maniacs on Sunday February 6, 2011
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