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Fucking retard dont understad flags and kills you even when your flaged gayashell player.
J Wiggle on Thursday November 18, 2010
do not trust Ry-Guy04's flag: he will backstab you
captainLAGER on Wednesday November 17, 2010
dont trust this guy hes pga with BrokenLifee....i flagged him he accepts and keeps attacking really idiot
fedo on Saturday November 13, 2010
Pussy player asked truce in round 2 after that he atack, pure, pure gay
ifigenije on Friday November 12, 2010
lufcjosh1 on Thursday November 11, 2010
just an other noob who whines a lot when he loses
beekmans on Wednesday November 10, 2010
asks for flags and then kill flaggers.
korniszon69 on Sunday November 7, 2010
PGA with aKONe and GDP. Asshole.
banana hammock on Thursday November 4, 2010
Kill this pussy ASAP. I flagged to him and was beating his friend fairly for 3rd. Then he decides to kill me and help his PGA.
jumper25 on Monday November 1, 2010
Pretends not to see flags.
ctfx93 on Saturday October 30, 2010
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