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ahhh shit
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Beware backstabs
jf220 on Tuesday February 18, 2014
TEACHER! (the kind who likes to teach lessons) -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
am I on Tuesday February 11, 2014
stabbing in tourneys
Secret Powers on Sunday January 19, 2014
insulting and vulgar player
parsifal on Tuesday December 17, 2013
i just saw ur dumb comment u left me. i dont care about what ur think, u noob. i'm th eking of the beach!
Neo Child on Tuesday September 10, 2013
scroll down. "we all PGA with someone. so piss off". no. we don't. but you do. also, grudges, backstabs, doesn't clean under or behind anything. uses axe when he should sometimes when he really should take a shower. wears odd underwear. writes cloying letters to female celebrities. secretly watches "glee". pees on his leg sometimes and gets back in bed without wiping it off.
yes me on Sunday September 8, 2013
fucking backstabber
weichspueler on Wednesday July 31, 2013
Katrina, I beat you. eat me Minecrine, I took your flag and told you i had to go through. you tried taking land from me with no metin of reason. that is a stab. so I killed you. AJ, we all PGA with someone. so piss off
ctrain on Saturday July 13, 2013
backstabber, after accepting flag he attacks
Minecreme on Saturday July 13, 2013
plays like a noob for level 29
Katrina_11 on Saturday July 13, 2013
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