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I didn't brake a truce as there was no truce to start with. Also, I did not attack you. In addition, when I could have just taken 1st I decided to have a 3-way roll with you and another player. And you lost the roll - that's why you were last. Don't go calling people stabbers, when you seem to not have a grasp of the game.
generalissimus S on Tuesday July 7, 2015
respected flags
eurasianbro on Thursday July 2, 2015
immature player
DoobiusMalcor on Thursday May 21, 2015
good, smart player
Donnie13 on Tuesday January 14, 2014
bad player dont respect flag!
bivo on Monday December 23, 2013
pussy player and backstabber. dont trust this guy. as beer said.. waits patiently to scew you over.
Luxie on Friday November 22, 2013
nice guy
porscheturbo911 on Tuesday October 29, 2013
Like a thief in the night..... waits patiently only to screw you over.
~Beer~ on Thursday June 27, 2013
PGA with Roamer. Dont play
mzglicz on Thursday May 30, 2013
Uses multiple accounts to win games. Do not sit with him.
TheBetterYodel on Tuesday May 7, 2013
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