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Very fair and nice player :-)
Inuyasha2008 on Saturday January 31, 2015
Fair player :)
lulz123 on Thursday November 20, 2014
nice and fair player. Thanks for kill by the way.
Flammenmeer on Thursday September 25, 2014
PGA with BXSited.
CSEG on Thursday July 24, 2014
fair player and nice guy
LOLzocker on Tuesday January 7, 2014
fair player.
Zabbo on Wednesday December 18, 2013
fair, grown and gentleman. i said: "bye ahahahha" but he didn't pride, gave his kill point. nice to play with you bro
merthyil on Saturday October 12, 2013
More than fair; I tried for 1st and he could've easily denied me a flag for 2nd, but he let me flag for 2nd.
prometheus_ on Saturday August 3, 2013
I like his style, good diplomat.
architectremix on Sunday February 10, 2013
fair player, and about the 3 comments says "doesnt respect flags"... thats not true, I CAN SAY HE RESPECT FLAGS.
celta on Tuesday January 8, 2013
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