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Pat Whalen

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Recognized on 5:45 PM, Saturday December 31, 2016 EST by integral
shut up pat
Recognized on 4:46 AM, Saturday March 13, 2010 EST by KDICEMOD
Thanks for the tutorial on how to do a video screen capture on a Mac. It will be helpful in the catching of cheaters.

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User was warned about avatar if it happens again avatar will be removed and loss of play for 7 days will occur -avatar These cards suck 7:57 PM, Sunday March 21, 2010 EDT
Please do not use an avatar of another player. -avatar These cards suck 6:32 PM, Sunday March 21, 2010 EDT
Your avatar is inappropriate.Please do not upload it again. -avatar mystery man 12:27 PM, Tuesday December 30, 2008 EST
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eat a d1ck assh0le
Schabowy on Wednesday January 25, 2017
nice and clever guy
avesano on Tuesday January 17, 2017
Pat Whalen: I would have wanted me to take the island if i were him
Jack Barrows on Friday January 6, 2017
doesn't respect flags
Dude111 on Thursday March 1, 2012
plays it safe, good chatting skills.
James Howlett on Friday February 24, 2012
Nice and honorable player. :)
Mara232 on Friday February 17, 2012
Pat Whalen very honorable player
222lion222 on Sunday February 12, 2012
High level PGA. That's how he's got the level probably. One big noob in short
Wygrywacz on Saturday February 11, 2012
seems to PGA with Mercantile
seeb on Saturday February 11, 2012
good player respect flag!!
bivo on Wednesday February 8, 2012
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