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Jack Barrows

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Recognized on 6:06 PM, Tuesday November 17, 2015 EST by integral
long time player and still competitive at the tables. thanks for your contribution

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sotos and Jack Barrows 1 x player 2 x accaunt!!! http://kdice.com/games/82503363
IQGenius on Sunday September 23, 2018
Haha, nice gold you thieving faggy
zumo on Tuesday May 1, 2018
JB is rly good at talking. He persuade me to 4v4 in round one every game. A fun player at 5k and a good trucing partner :) cheers
running turtle on Tuesday April 24, 2018
22/204 good reviews.
greeen on Tuesday March 27, 2018
good old sportsmanship. nice guy
rhaki el tigre on Friday March 9, 2018
obvious PGA w/ Whatup23
48430934809 on Thursday October 12, 2017
just lieng for win
leyt6111 on Friday June 30, 2017
Lies about me pga with people because he is jealous of my skills
EvAngelion27 on Wednesday May 17, 2017
common bad guy, just look at his avatar ... oh com'n
Sabala on Sunday March 26, 2017
dont trust this guy! will betray you!!!
schwarzbeer on Saturday March 25, 2017
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