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No skills at all. gets very emotional
arabu79 on Wednesday June 3, 2015
Did not take 1st though I had to go but flagged out. A very rare and honorable behaviour. My due respect for this.
Louis Cypher on Wednesday June 3, 2015
pga with XavVaetum and preston
glaz on Tuesday June 2, 2015
Ii is not a problem, that ede plays like noob. It is ok, he has just no skills. The problem is he is an asshole. When you play 5 ppl table, and fighting for 1st, 3 players left, ede has 2 lands, you should be sure this asshat will hit you. No reason that 2=3, no reason that you can kill him in one round. He just enjoy to ruin others for fun. PGE forever
22 april on Thursday May 21, 2015
pga with ede007
memorial on Tuesday March 24, 2015
Guy plays cheap as hell, using every cheap play in the book to get one place higher, even on zero tables. Hilarious watching it backfire on him though.
kDiceNoob22 on Friday March 6, 2015
@Keyser, think about the difference between truce and pga... and i'm not the kind of player who kick a truced partners ass... btw a flag MUST not be acceptet
ede007 on Wednesday February 18, 2015
PGA withe Lauch mit Schlau, DO NOT TRUST, he will say thank you for the flag and then kill you.
Keyser Söze on Wednesday February 18, 2015
i'll kill you :D
Lauch mit Schlau on Wednesday February 18, 2015
fair player. Nice guy.
flughund on Tuesday January 27, 2015
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