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great player!
MaxWanted on Saturday February 6, 2016
I thought I didn't like this guy at the start of a tournament but he grows on you like a fine moss on a North-facing tree, decent folk. Be well fella.
Distorted on Thursday January 28, 2016
pga with dacob in players tourney
Lalita Lani on Monday January 18, 2016
Great player, very nice. Came down to a difficult situation involving flags and agreed to a three way role. Would trust with my first born Seriously good guy though
Cafterdeath on Thursday January 7, 2016
Is changed.
Oliversdad on Thursday January 7, 2016
Honest and fair. A pleasure to play with.
Cameron on Wednesday January 6, 2016
honest and fair player
dicebomb on Friday January 1, 2016
Always fun to play with voxall. He is a funny guy.
arkenkor on Friday December 4, 2015
pleasant player
AmericanHist0ryX on Sunday November 22, 2015
Simply put, a jerk. Does not accept a hard flag.
dlabz on Tuesday November 10, 2015
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