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jjc65 on Saturday September 10, 2011
writes fake pga reviews
Ganstercico on Tuesday September 6, 2011
Sore loser. Why write a bad review and falsely accuse me of PGA when I played fair AND i gave you a fair chance to play others. You lost the rolloff so you LOSE! BAD LOSER!
Ronniew383 on Friday September 2, 2011
This guy is not only cool but he has some awesome eyeballs
Andrew Dice K on Tuesday August 30, 2011
Dice K, i was trying to remove a negative review from a year ago and it left a blank review in its place
FYYFF on Tuesday August 30, 2011
Sore loser
Neff9 on Saturday August 27, 2011
RETARDED, LOSER, DUMB and LIAR, his reviews can tell
vmbc on Friday August 26, 2011
total ass, i helped him out and flagged to him...and he slowly kills me, completely shamelessly farmed me. SOB
Help, I'm a rock on Thursday August 25, 2011
He doesn't understand what a truce is or what PGA even fucking means. Yet he calls everyone on it. Total noob.
Kingofskillz on Wednesday August 24, 2011
He wrote a false review about me, i didnt PGA! Total Dumb shit. maricon de mierdaaaaaa
ayaresdlx on Thursday August 11, 2011
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