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Staber ,dont acept flags from he
Kaimans17 on Tuesday August 8, 2017
Great, patient, strategic player- very impressed...
Ching on Tuesday October 18, 2016
Nothing bad to say about him personally, he seems like a good enough guy to be honest. But, with that said, at level 70 his play style leaves a lot to be desired. I will preface all of this with saying it was a 4-stack elimination table, and maybe he is unfamiliar with how they work and how you should play them. When it's down to 3 people, and you (arobi) are the leader by 1 stack over red (another guy), and 3rd place (me) is fighting with red and has 4 stacks less than red (5 less than arobi himself), attacking the 3rd guy does not make sense, especially 4v4 when red has a 2 stack touching you. It ended with me running through red in a attempt for 2nd, but failing 2 lands short, and arobi mopping up what was left. After his win, he says it was his "good play that won it" and refuses to learn from his terrible play. No excuse for that at level 70, he should know better by now to play that bad. GL bro, again nothing personal, just feel you played a really poor game for anyone over level 20, let alone 70.
Dick Tucker on Wednesday August 3, 2016
Don't accept his flag. He stabs.
arkenkor on Monday December 21, 2015
honorable sport
eurasianbro on Thursday August 6, 2015
nice to have at the table.
scaramanga on Thursday July 9, 2015
Morrow77 on Sunday May 31, 2015
memorial on Tuesday May 26, 2015
Played nice, flagged to him, and he forced me into a terrible roll-off. Ungrateful.
48430934809 on Saturday April 25, 2015
Good and fair player.
adri23 on Sunday March 15, 2015
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