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I will openly say, I do not respect weak ass flags and base my decisions on table play only...FUCK THE CHATBOX
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BatmanDan wrote
at 7:36 AM, Friday July 11, 2008 EDT
i miss bulgaria! nice post about weird laws btw!
Awesomeness! wrote
at 5:16 PM, Friday June 13, 2008 EDT
fuck wine dude, that for females and gays!
BatmanDan wrote
at 6:13 AM, Friday June 13, 2008 EDT
cheap bulgarian wine and beer sounds like a plan!!
Awesomeness! wrote
at 12:04 PM, Wednesday June 11, 2008 EDT

jurg, there'll be many pics my friend...many many pics!
jurgen wrote
at 6:53 AM, Tuesday June 10, 2008 EDT
BMD I SAW pictures of you being gay(purple/black outfit ---> ewwww) on facebook so I am the one that is worried here ;-)
BatmanDan wrote
at 9:53 AM, Monday June 9, 2008 EDT
u want pictures of me n awes being gay....i worry bout u jurg!
jurgen wrote
at 4:54 AM, Monday June 9, 2008 EDT
(BatmanDan x Awesomess!) + (Ann and Sarah away on a girls only night out in Bulgaria) + 7 bottles of cheap Bulgarian wine + a romantic/confused/gay-curious/drunk mood = (NIGHTMARES + TRAUMAS) FOR LIFE!

digital pictures of that from the morning after = HAPPY TIMES FOR ME! ;-)
Awesomeness! wrote
at 9:35 PM, Saturday June 7, 2008 EDT
i rock!
BatmanDan wrote
at 8:11 AM, Wednesday June 4, 2008 EDT
(you + me) x (ann + sarah) + Bulgaria = HAPPY TIMES!
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