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Death Engineer

To roll, or not to roll. That is the question.
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Solid player, honors his flags, respects others
WingedWheeler19 on Friday August 28, 2015
honors flags, gives kills
eurasianbro on Thursday July 16, 2015
Miss one flag in chat and suddenly your name is mud.
Death Engineer on Monday June 29, 2015
Retard. Doesnt read chat. Ignores flags. Tells lies. DONT TRUST HIM
Suvetar on Friday June 26, 2015
3vs 1 in tourney
k dicer on Wednesday January 15, 2014
nice player
VitezKoja on Saturday January 4, 2014
retard, does not respect flags
xSido on Saturday December 14, 2013
Well...aside from declining my flag (which...fine) proceeds to go out of his way to fuck me up into oblivion, rather unnecessarily.
Osiris4 on Monday May 17, 2010
Both me and another player had flagged to him (was accepted) and was gonna' battle it our for 2nd when he suddenly attacks me and decides I'll be 4th instead. So, in short, doesn't honor flags.
Safir on Friday March 12, 2010
BEWARE !!! Does not respect flags ! DO NOT TRUST !!!
Shrieker on Sunday January 17, 2010
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