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I thought you were gonna quit KDice so I forgot about unbanning :) welcome back if you want to but just be careful in what you do in the last game of a month +play jurgen 9:58 AM, Monday June 27, 2011 EDT
nothing premeditated going on but definitely a 1 week ban for a crucial point funneling in the final game of the month -play jurgen 2:56 PM, Wednesday June 1, 2011 EDT

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Bad loser. :(
Marvels on Thursday February 16, 2012
decent player it seems
Mens Rea on Wednesday February 8, 2012
Pretty funny guy.
CammellRoeg on Thursday December 29, 2011
Lol, dude you can't rely on three of 44 reviews. I don't even know where you came from. There was no evidence of any pga at all. You were spamming the chat.
Wilky on Thursday December 29, 2011
nice player...
Oddy Daddy on Wednesday July 6, 2011
Awesome player. and makes a kdice game great
Roflcopta on Thursday June 30, 2011
Good man
TheBetterYodel on Thursday June 2, 2011
KJ Sado on Tuesday May 31, 2011
1) definitely doesn't know how to spell 2) Vilosofy and I were fighting 2/4 and there was a 1/3 fight as well. Vilosfy lost our fight, then tried to flag to me to gang up in the 1/3 fight. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he just didn't understand that;otherwise his post is quite ironic!
KJ Sado on Thursday May 26, 2011
defenitly not an honorable player
Vilosofy on Thursday May 26, 2011
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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