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backstabber, dont trust
Bunuutuut on Sunday March 4, 2012
lol, this guys just copied and pasted my last entry into my reviews. what a useless cunt he is. if u have the misfortune to play him, watch out his name is nick b, and he is a complete cunt.
b1125 on Wednesday July 6, 2011
b1125's last entry was a copy of mine, he's not even an original waste of skin.
nick b on Monday July 4, 2011
vzxc on Tuesday June 28, 2011
Heh Nick my adobe flashplayer crashed so had reload page, certainly saw no flag. My apologies but just remind someone next time because they may have missed it.
ImbettathanAnish on Monday June 27, 2011
kind of a bitch
Moore on Saturday June 25, 2011
unusually respectful. thank you.
thha on Thursday May 26, 2011
Respectful and honorable player. Nice to have on the table.
Hypernode on Tuesday December 14, 2010
Decent fellow.
Ellington on Monday December 13, 2010
Respectfull player, after flagging me he was offered a best position and didn't accept it. Nice to chat with also. Trust him
Recui on Sunday December 12, 2010
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