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senilefelines wrote
at 9:24 AM, Tuesday February 1, 2011 EST
You have NO idea how much you are missed around here....even being as unpopular as you are! Come back sooooon!!!
Clarinette wrote
at 5:52 AM, Saturday December 18, 2010 EST
Joyeux Noël et Bonne année Dodo !!
i wish the best for my favorite dodo <;{D>
MrsBrightside wrote
at 11:18 AM, Tuesday December 7, 2010 EST
purplechick wrote
at 10:55 AM, Tuesday November 30, 2010 EST
Where have you been, Mr. Manflesh? I'm having moob withdrawls.
PM325 wrote
at 2:43 PM, Sunday October 3, 2010 EDT
Yo do do! Sorry about not guessing your word, I didn't mean anything by it. I just try to stick to the rules because I have people all the time complaining to me about new people who are breaking the rules or don't understand them. Was what you did a very big deal? No, of course not, which is why I guessed... is it....? I'm really surprised no one else guessed it.

Anyway, we were all sad to see you leave so suddenly, hope it wasn't because of that. Love your draws, and feel free to slap the back of my head or kick my shins or something like that.
MrsBrightside wrote
at 7:21 AM, Wednesday September 29, 2010 EDT

Because no one else's Bff would gladly eat mine :P
MrFoxy wrote
at 1:10 PM, Sunday September 12, 2010 EDT
Ah listening to him now I do hear the Tim Buckley resemblance. GOOD CALL.
Gurgi wrote
at 10:41 PM, Tuesday August 17, 2010 EDT
Wanna go kill a cat with me dodo?

haha jk!!....but srsly? O.O
MrFoxy wrote
at 12:40 PM, Sunday June 20, 2010 EDT
Here, did you know that there was a new Ricky Gervais "Guide To..." podcast? Just stumbled upon it on iTunes now... a World Cup one. Thought I'd let you know. Less than a minute in to it and I've already had a massive howling laugh.
MrFoxy wrote
at 6:32 AM, Friday June 11, 2010 EDT
Ahaha that wouldda been fun. I didn't half laugh when he said that thing about the Ford Ka, just 'cause of the way he said it. :P

ON BALANCE that was a good result... Tim wouldda been good too but I did anticipate it being little Arjy Barjun.
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