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Mrs. M: thank you for honoring our truce, jund Jund: i wasnt sure so i thoguht it best to not rampage into you Mrs. M: lol Jund: im learning :) Jund: gg ############# My comment was meant in an ironic way, Jund - for the fact we both were clearly truced and you accepted the flags which were going just to you. You took my help to get 1st - and yes, I helped you a lot, by giving you a chance to (re-)connect at least twice instead of cutting you to conn myself myself. Don't pretend you would still learning - bs-talk by a lvl60-player, but common talk by a pointwhore, which you became. It's a pitty, the great and funny and fair player I used to know got lost behind stupid points and medals
Mrs. M on Wednesday August 26, 2015
PGA and biggest slimeball on here. Absolutely kill on sight.
48430934809 on Wednesday June 10, 2015
just insulting all the time pga with wertrew
F??? on Tuesday May 19, 2015
Scholar and a gentleman
Mork1 on Monday April 27, 2015
Xkip on Friday April 10, 2015
Fair player.
adri23 on Friday March 27, 2015
bit of a whinging backstabber
Rafkrik on Sunday March 1, 2015
Great great player very fair
Narshak on Tuesday November 25, 2014
Good and respectful guy, fun to play with
scozy on Tuesday October 21, 2014
good guy.
JamesEnsor on Friday September 12, 2014
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