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fair player
KayKay1894 on Thursday March 28, 2013
Nice headsup. Good player. GT!
Schwabba_is_back on Friday December 30, 2011
good and brave player.
Souper Hero on Monday December 26, 2011
nice, friendly and trustworthy player. cu around. good luck :)
Mrs. M on Wednesday December 21, 2011
Please vent your anger, frustration below. Feel free to outright lie and/or copy and paste the very same comment I have left for you.
blacko15 on Friday April 1, 2011
retarded. has the reading comprehension of a 5 year old chimp. also plays dirty, will pretend to accept ur flag, and then screw u over when he can.
CuteKittens on Friday April 1, 2011
-1 very bad player, not a bit trustworthy because he does not honor his allies.
newplayer_80 on Thursday December 2, 2010
real man
Jess13 on Wednesday September 23, 2009
what a fucking dick. he expect respect for his flag and attacked other who flagged to him. fucking asshole. kill this idiot always first. completely dickhead.
cinzano on Tuesday August 25, 2009
Great player, truthfully respecting flags and truces.
JuliusIII on Wednesday May 20, 2009
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