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weak player. Watch out for his douchebaggery
Faceofcfab on Thursday December 14, 2017
bazarov pges me
luto on Wednesday December 6, 2017
stupid idiot
zetoo on Sunday October 19, 2014
What a DICK! Absolute asshole stabber, do not trust this guy
Stockli on Tuesday October 14, 2014
insults me and expects me to help him at the same time, and then becomes a sore loser as a result, poor sportsmanship luto
Troy11 on Tuesday September 16, 2014
This asshole flagged me and stabbed me in the tourney with "Beer Me!" Beer Me!: go north ryan Migga: luto will probably stab beer here anyway... luto: lol luto: i dont stab luto: and beer knows me Ryan L: yea stabbing arse Migga: I witnessed you stab Ryan L: idiot Beer Me!: gg all Migga: and try and cliam a suicide.... haha Beer Me!: and i repaid my debt luto: holy shit Ninjamonkey has left Ryan L: stabbing in a tourney = dumbest thing you can do luto: you did luto: beer
Ryan L on Monday April 29, 2013
Dirty stabber for no particular reason... esspecially after I acepted his weak ass flag round 1 first match of a tourney. Will remember
Migsy on Monday April 29, 2013
Asshole, disrespecting flags.
Zockaaa on Friday July 9, 2010
You are basically an ass. Grow up and maybe become a Marine. In what ever Country. Just get HONOR!
Mountainman on Tuesday July 6, 2010
generally a good player, but did break a flag to me in one game, hence review (who would write a totally positive one?)
Masta ov Deth on Saturday July 3, 2010
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