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PGA with Shadolin
Andrew Dice K on Wednesday April 20, 2011
Huge fucktard.
r0n on Monday April 18, 2011
OviloN on Monday April 18, 2011
not fair player
ant_mad on Thursday March 24, 2011
fair player
Enzo on Wednesday March 2, 2011
i flagged to him and then he said me he had to out. Then crossed and took some of my few places and close me at all. Fine at that point. But when he got first i needed out to fight 4th, i asked and when i took just a place to fight with other player he killed me saying i was attacking him. Really unfair player
dottir on Tuesday February 8, 2011
PGA with ego.ist!
fizteh_john on Sunday January 23, 2011
This guy refused to raise his flag. Starting crying about the bad review he was going to write me because I attacked him.
Jpow22 on Thursday January 6, 2011
unfair player who doesnt keep his word... welcome to my shit-list
Snow Villiers on Saturday December 11, 2010
seems to be a good player
HeavyMetalManiac on Friday December 3, 2010
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