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Fair and honest player.
santi_monse on Friday September 30, 2011
Let's get a few things straight. 1) Not accepting a flag is not backstabbing. If I don't think your flag will benefit me, or if you simply flag for a position and not to me directly, I may not accept it. 2) If I flag to you and then you subsequently attack me in what I consider to be an unacceptable fashion, I may rescind my flag. That is also not backstabbing, it is retaliation. So, while I NEVER backstab, I may not accept your flag and I may retaliate if you treat me as your bitch after I flag to you. Deal with it.
Insatiable on Thursday September 29, 2011
FUCK THIS BACKSTABBER lern how to play knobb
Farles on Thursday September 29, 2011
Good player, ?Very fair :)
Omarinho on Tuesday September 27, 2011
pga with pathite..silent truce as ey call that^^
Huibuh on Tuesday September 27, 2011
dirty player, backstabs
Shaqueefa on Tuesday September 20, 2011
don´t accept flags and pga with dom99
Sabo der Beschat on Monday September 19, 2011
douchebag with no clue about game
gontis on Monday September 19, 2011
be careful, dont understand all subtilities...
Scorf on Thursday September 15, 2011
backstabbed to let heavymetal get 2nd
suPErNINja on Friday August 26, 2011
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