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Recognized on 12:49 PM, Sunday August 13, 2017 EDT by integral
great longtime player. Really cool artist too, great avatars!

This player has been modded by the community

Your protest is pointless. Your avatar is reset. The rule is clear, and we've defined it as genitalia, not as 'pornography' as opposed to 'art'. If another Mod saw this first and opted to leave it, so be it - I saw it and decided to remove it. Circumventing rules to have a personal protest isn't going to achieve anything other than you being moderated accordingly. I've left your ability to select an avatar intact, don't disappoint me by continuing your 'protest'. -avatar Pursey 1:27 AM, Sunday August 2, 2015 EDT

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pretruce with warrior861 in a 0 table xD
eljavi on Sunday September 8, 2019
ignores flags. so please kill him asap
Terkal on Monday April 15, 2019
Moron, asshole
landi on Monday May 28, 2018
big ass hole
probabler on Monday February 26, 2018
moron from stinky ass
Hero On Time on Tuesday October 31, 2017
idiot backstabber, dont trust him
xXxJozefxXx on Tuesday September 19, 2017
what an asshole
heroine on Friday September 1, 2017
surely not fun to play with, every game trucing someone
Secret Powers on Thursday August 31, 2017
does not respect flags. stabs for dominance do not trust this bitch
ozmen on Saturday August 5, 2017
maintains irrational grudges.
Acrisius on Tuesday April 18, 2017
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