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fair player
rulzetta on Friday April 1, 2011
Really, Really Dumb.
leesaah on Friday February 12, 2010
Estemalian con ca tueve von tu-ca poarramentio! SELYA VA DAVIFKA?
Legface Backshot on Tuesday January 19, 2010
doesn't know how to play the game just a dumb ass
PATTIE CAKES on Wednesday October 21, 2009
No respects for flags...Asshole
WhatUp! on Wednesday June 17, 2009
why did i trust this guy?
Leek Step on Monday June 8, 2009
breaks his word
Bats on Tuesday May 26, 2009
cl_lime: No flag respect. Total noob. Says that I broke an alliance with him but I never did. My word is my bond. He is just angry and is writing bullshit now.
readthis on Tuesday May 26, 2009
fucking asshole who does not respect flag. his a mother fucking asshole.
tyty2323 on Sunday May 17, 2009
total douche, he sits back while me and another guy fight, and then when i say i flag to him, he kills me. I don't think he quite understands the concept of flagging
xmangilford on Thursday May 14, 2009
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