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time well served +chat Hero Of Time 7:25 PM, Tuesday February 26, 2013 EST

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hes a good player
getLucky on Thursday March 5, 2015
Ill be good you gotta remember ive played under many names since this one and half of the stuff people left on my wall/reviews is utter BS they were always trying to screw me over with pgas and such and when i would win anyway they would leave nasty untrue comments about me. Now im sure i lost my temper sometimes but you can see the mod "fierro" would follow me around and help in the pga against me. When he saw that it didnt work he banned me for a time on a few of my names and chatbanned this one(might have banned it too at one point I dont remember.
arson on Monday March 11, 2013
welcome back but better behave :)
jurgen on Wednesday February 27, 2013
lol im baaaack
arson on Tuesday February 26, 2013
"just wanted to remind you...that you suck...and it was a pleasure seeing you muted from chatting abilities, noone as stupid as you deserves to be able to speak anyways...think twice the next time you call me a 'N' buddy... huh what you say...didn't hear you..."
Johnson213 on Tuesday June 17, 2008
muted for constant and continued spamming of the screen after warnings
fiero600 on Sunday June 15, 2008
arson as defined by his posts: arson: fuck you arson: fuck you arson: fuck you ..... arson: unknown is a faggot arson: he licks nigger choad ..... kateo is here arson: kateo is a faggot he licks nigger choad ..... Dutch Monkey is here arson: dutch monkey is a faggot he licks nigger choad
unknown5875693 on Thursday June 12, 2008
should be banned, honestly. very annoying and childish.
Bloue on Tuesday June 10, 2008
arson: im not a racist I think every white man should own a few mexicans they do some great work for pennies arson: they are like the anti jew people like you bum me out.....
habit1 on Wednesday May 14, 2008
Arson thought I was a mexican, so he has pleasured me with this warm and kind words: arson: you should know mexican Ganja<3: hahahaha nunes: PGA 'er, funny AND racist. Youre not a man, youre a show Arson: im not a racist I think every white man should own a few mexicans they do some great work for pennies
nunes on Wednesday May 14, 2008
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