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A cheating piece of shit
@sullivanmt on Wednesday July 12, 2017
dont trust him , he will backstab you , dickhead
xXxJozefxXx on Tuesday July 11, 2017
cemt2307 on Saturday July 8, 2017
asshole and real idiot
ondrasz on Wednesday May 3, 2017
farming is asshole style..esp after brown already took a land bc of the 2nd roll off - that doesnt mean you have to take the other lands..you brought me down from 5 to 2 lands with that, you fool and cost me lots of dom....worse when you had 1st anyway and could have taken the neutrals after brown and me were out anyway - but good to know you dont have to get threatened in a fair way
Mrs. M on Sunday December 16, 2012
ignores flag
Terkal on Thursday December 6, 2012
Backstabber - plays unfairly in tournaments. Don't trust this guy, he's not a good player. He teams up with people who are supposed to be last and trashes your game.
???? on Wednesday December 5, 2012
idiot backstabber
Supersnor on Tuesday September 4, 2012
do good anyway on Sunday August 26, 2012
suck my dick you fucking faggot, suck it till i cum down your throat and you choke on it. eat sperm and die faggot.
luvmybabymama on Friday August 10, 2012
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