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PGA .. backstabber
blahblahblackshe on Sunday July 17, 2011
Flagged third when he flagged second, killed me for no reason
MarquisDaniels on Friday January 1, 2010
Note: tlive tried to hit on me but when I kicked him to the curb he got aggressive and nasty. Now he is writing lies on my profile. Ladies, beware! tlive is a loser who tries to pick up women and becomes a stalker if you politely decline. Better not to play with this loser in the first place.
SyphiIis on Saturday August 8, 2009
Allied with me and defended me for many rounds until I was killed. A+
Pyre on Friday August 7, 2009
absolute twat! typical ignorant american cunt!!
THE_BIG_N on Friday June 5, 2009
Likes to stick his tongue in his mother's sphinkter.
rainman_104 on Sunday April 12, 2009
who are you and why did you leave me such a horrible feedback? I don't even remember ever playing you and you go cussing all over my wall? Sort of small dude...
Windwalker on Tuesday March 31, 2009
don't repect flags
Nachor on Friday March 27, 2009
Optical on Thursday March 26, 2009
OldElvis defeated 3v5, 13 to 6, (6,5,2 to 1,1,1,2,1) Remember that for next time you want to screw someone over. Karma is a bitch. Remember your Shit luck is used up for this month
OldElvis on Sunday March 22, 2009
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