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gnice37 wrote
at 12:17 AM, Wednesday February 2, 2011 EST
where the hell r u?
cigsmokingman wrote
at 12:01 PM, Sunday August 29, 2010 EDT
wHerE dId u goOooOOoOOOOooooooooo
panties wrote
at 9:49 AM, Wednesday July 21, 2010 EDT
oh sugar, i miss thee! i am here not often. hope you is good lovely. kisses jansen
ThamesBoy wrote
at 1:04 PM, Monday March 15, 2010 EDT
Delboy71 wrote
at 6:01 PM, Friday January 29, 2010 EST
liberty x
vikkib33 wrote
at 2:42 AM, Thursday January 28, 2010 EST
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [4s, 4c]
matias44 calls
vikkib33 calls
kingsdrive calls
sergey761 calls
beezlebum calls
wereuat checks
Dealing flop: [6h, 4h, 3h]
beezlebum checks
wereuat checks
matias44 checks
vikkib33 bets $200
kingsdrive calls
sergey761 calls
beezlebum folds
wereuat calls
matias44 folds
Dealing turn: [6c]
wereuat checks
f843d0 takes a seat
vikkib33 bets $200
kingsdrive raises $600
sergey761 calls
wereuat folds
vikkib33 calls
Dealing river: [7h]
vikkib33 bets $800
kingsdrive raises $9,800
da-guv takes a seat
sergey761 folds
vikkib33 calls
vikkib33 shows [4s, 4c] for a full house, fours full of sixs
kingsdrive shows [8h, 5h] for a straight flush eight high
kingsdrive wins main pot $23,400

Nae arguing wi that one! :P
vikkib33 wrote
at 12:32 PM, Wednesday January 13, 2010 EST
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [5s, 5h]
the_nuts folds
daytonadman folds
vikkib33 calls
Angel21 raises $800
IsisBoy calls
marK1428 folds
pierthr folds
Rhiooo36 folds
vikkib33 calls
Dealing flop: [7d, 5c, Kh]
vikkib33 bets $200
Angel21 raises $800
IsisBoy folds
vikkib33 raises $1,200
Angel21 raises $3,200
daytonadman stands up
vikkib33 raises $15,500
Angel21 calls
Dealing turn: [5d]
Dealing river: [3c]
vikkib33 shows [5s, 5h] for four fives
Angel21 shows [Kd, Jc] for two pair, Kings and fives
vikkib33 wins main pot $36,500
cigsmokingman wrote
at 2:59 AM, Saturday January 2, 2010 EST
happiest of new years pretty baby
Rhiosace wrote
at 6:41 AM, Friday January 1, 2010 EST
((((Vikki))) Happy New Year lovely, and very good luck for 2010 :D Thank you for another awesome month. Love and nice stuff.. Rhioooo xox
Delboy71 wrote
at 2:32 PM, Thursday December 24, 2009 EST
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