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Im magic you knowwwwwww
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Recognized on 11:07 AM, Tuesday February 24, 2015 EST by integral
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unbanned by request +chat +play +post integral 8:04 PM, Wednesday February 1, 2017 EST
requested ban -chat -play -post integral 10:36 PM, Tuesday October 11, 2016 EDT
Play restored as requested by player. +play Vermont 7:51 AM, Friday October 23, 2009 EDT
Requested by player. -play Vermont 2:10 PM, Thursday October 22, 2009 EDT

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miguelz262: i was mad at magic miguelz262: for making up shit miguelz262: thats weak, and i will get him later for that 05/06/2017 01:04am
Magic Roundabout on Sunday June 4, 2017
just not fair. End turn fast in a nice duel when huge lag.
AlbanBanal on Sunday October 2, 2016
Nice and fair player. He flaged me and finally he won the game, but he sat out for being 2nd
eljavi on Saturday October 1, 2016
nice to get farmed out of a 5k by this asshole. he can go choke on a dick
K-Man on Saturday February 21, 2015
Try to backstab on a 0 table ... Very poor player !
Zebre on Saturday February 2, 2013
cemt2307 on Tuesday January 29, 2013
complete asshole
Erathia on Thursday August 4, 2011
Total dick when he's in 1st. Doesn't respect flags.
Krogoth on Thursday August 4, 2011
Riles P on Thursday April 14, 2011
Awesome roller, historic, great, heroic!
Killer Coco on Tuesday March 8, 2011
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