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I helped this player identify their 21 month old son suffers from seizures. I should be rewarded yet this player only complained. F---- would not play with again.
Camelspiders on Thursday February 2, 2012
Mean and petty. refused my flag because i won a 2v3 against him (after he repeatedly cut me and left me no choice). Pathetic.
orenf on Wednesday December 29, 2010
LOL where to start with this smug, egotistical flaming butch gay. First of all he/ she likes to use the word "luv" to sound chic and cool. Like he's above you when all he ends up sounding like is some person who outside this game probably doesn't speak out much. Second, refuses to accept flags before round 8 because he finds it unethical or some shit like that.. i dunno go figure... THIRD, he is a flaming homo and NEEDS TO GET OFF THIS SITE.
SandraDiazTwine on Sunday December 26, 2010
Sorry mate you're not as clear-minded as you believe yourself to be - seeing the speck in another's eye instead of the log in your own. Choke dee.
Mercantile on Thursday December 23, 2010
one of the worst characters in kdice; not trustworthy, does not reward any kindness you show to him, and will fuck you as soon as he feels safe to do so. we were basically down to four players, 3rdbase was blue roughly nw, I was teal roughly NE, and then below me there was purple SE and some bits of green in the SW. blue extended south and I was bigstacked early on at his bottleneck, but didnt attack him there. after a while purple came up from below having removed yellow. blu and prpl were both slightly larger than me. I still would have had a good chance at killing or placing above blue then if I had cut blu with my big stacks in half. but that would have helped prpl then against blu, didnt feel right, and hence decided not to cut him. at the same time I told prpl he could pass in front of me towards blu and i would not cut him either if the two wanted to fight. while i wasnt cutting blu for several rounds, he extended further south and started stacking up big time. after some stacking prpl however did NOT attack blu (i figured there would be a fierce fight at blues bottleneck in the middle of the map) but after a while started to fight green. I was confused. so to clear that i asked purple for his plans and whether he was flagging me. I wanted to see if my place was secure or if i needed to get involved in that fight between green and prpl. blue (established #1 by then) started to get hysterical and said no threats (mind u i was simply asking what the plans were and what they were fighting over), 3rdbasesaid i should sit and if i touched prpl he would kill me. i complained in chat and treid to explain why if i didnt do anything now i would end up 4th. so i sat there, for round after round, and when the two were done down there 3rdbase suddenly started to attack me. when i complained the cynical reason 3rdbase gave for attacking me was that i had been just sitting all along. go figure, the spectators were going wild over his contradictory attitude, but of course that didnt help me. I ended up 4th. thank you very much 3rdbase. you are a poor character, and now a prime PGE for your grade-A shithead behavior.
scaramanga on Friday December 17, 2010
Refused to flag to me though beeing asked round after round, starts bitching and insults when attacked. Poor player and really annoying.
Karsten4130 on Wednesday December 15, 2010
pga's with Snews88. Doesn't respect flags. Very rude player all around. Accused me to get the whole board to attack me for no reason except to distract from his pga.
Philip Marlowe on Sunday December 12, 2010
good player , highly informative, friendly , Much respect!
Scooby Snack on Saturday December 11, 2010
Flags early and then goes back on Flag...do not trust
EasyMoney on Wednesday December 8, 2010
good player, tries to be fair in a chaotic kdice world!
deffer on Thursday December 2, 2010
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