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Annoying guy, ignore flags and start to insult people for no reason.
garcialorca on Friday April 27, 2012
i dont know who you are. i havent played a game with you or lost boy. i dont know what you are talkking abt
Kdice_CPR on Tuesday May 18, 2010
o people its just a game
Papa Junk on Monday May 10, 2010
idiot players no respect flag..pga playeres.
bivo on Wednesday May 5, 2010
nasty little bugger
laggerbomber on Sunday October 18, 2009
can confim the pga with bkd0255. Absolute idiot and barely literate. I suppose the stupidity is to expected of someobody who tries to portray themself online as a racial stereotype to be funny. Complete Fuckwad, Kill on sight.
johanes on Saturday May 16, 2009
PGA with bkd0255
Lahey on Friday April 17, 2009
pga with vintealator
orke1 on Monday April 13, 2009
Agreed...clueless idiot. Totally ignores flags. A real prick. Teams up with BKD0255...they obivously know each other.
FSM on Tuesday December 23, 2008
Plays like a bitch. Couldve ended the game by killing the only unflagged player, but instead attacked everyone else who was flagged just to piss everyone off.
SOCRATES SLB on Tuesday December 23, 2008
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