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a typical american. thinks hes god. but god wouldnt have 0 points. muahahahahaha. hes a real bad player and crys always for help. poor kiddie. try to learn...
Pasta45 on Friday November 5, 2010
pga the chosen 1 (alias buddies) - both sit at a table - and one suicides to aid the other (probably proxy come to think of it)
bodo75 on Friday October 1, 2010
does not respect flags
Badshah on Friday October 1, 2010
mtawnick on Monday August 30, 2010
Sat all game in the corner and flagged almost all neighbours. Isulted game mates. Silly teen who comes kdice to abuse not play.
095 on Wednesday August 18, 2010
go fuck yourself prick
KAGEEE on Wednesday June 23, 2010
Has about zero respect for the game. Told him he could not attack through me to fight for 2nd and he proceeded to anyway. Can very nicely go fuck his sister. Holy Lime on Thursday March 25, 2010 _______ his review on me shows a very high intellectual level ;)
FilipL on Saturday April 10, 2010
gga on Monday April 5, 2010
solid player!
OviloN on Sunday December 6, 2009
Had a good, successful counter with this guy. Good player.
Jans on Thursday December 3, 2009
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