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This player has been modded by the community

Time served. Please control yourself in the future. +chat Bone-Roller 11:34 AM, Thursday December 2, 2010 EST
mrRo: i hope u get cancer brown Didn't you learn your lesson when KdiceMod -chatted you before? 30 day -chat -chat Bone-Roller 12:24 PM, Friday October 29, 2010 EDT
Time served +chat KDICEMOD 3:58 PM, Monday December 28, 2009 EST
Witnessed him telling a player to get cancer when completely unprovoked. mrRo was losing more than his fair share of 8v8's and took out his frustration verbally on another player. Unacceptable. -chat for 7 days. -chat KDICEMOD 8:00 AM, Sunday December 20, 2009 EST

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pga with avpptl7
Debilizam Almir on Monday February 29, 2016
asshat, PGE 4 life.
kittah on Thursday May 28, 2015
Enjoyed the tourney with him. Nice and fair player!
TooGross on Wednesday January 14, 2015
stabber that accuses others of stabbing
Grux on Monday January 5, 2015
Fucked me all game but whining for a flag after. Get a brain, asshole
Zebre on Wednesday December 10, 2014
Kill on tournaments, it's worth it. Eliminate at first sight!
greeen on Thursday November 27, 2014
he insults other players
Tippy G on Friday June 13, 2014
celta: wtf mrro? mrRo: no ninja flags trying to steal my kills celta: ????? celta: whaaaat? celta: steal your kill? celta: ninja flag? celta: ok then celta: gg celta: see around celta: you could say dont move mrRo: thx gg celta: i never thought about take kill+ celta: also i didnt get enough lands for that ....................................................................... THIS GUY DIDNT GO TO SCHOOL, NEVER STUDIED MATHS IN HIS F... LIFE... OBV PGA PLAYER
celta on Friday April 11, 2014
stabber dont trust this kid
dicebomb on Thursday November 7, 2013
PGE this guy who does not accept flags after a legit fight for 1st
PRESIDENT N° 1 on Wednesday November 6, 2013
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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