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I really I could be an admin and ban the assholes
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Groper on Thursday July 11, 2013
Cool cat in my book
Luisma on Friday June 14, 2013
Fair player. Respect.
kdoto on Wednesday April 10, 2013
Cool guy, patient, listens, waits, talks, negotiates.
cs96ai on Friday April 13, 2012
Does NOT respect his flags. I flaged him, he said I could take some territory. I did, and he started crying and attacking my land. The final result; I obliterated him due to his lack of skills (making him 3rd instead of 1st). Next time, respect your words, or ill make you pay for your cowardice and dishonnorable behavior again :P
Montcalm on Tuesday November 29, 2011
All these reviews are either from people who have no justification or are trying to respond by lying about me and make me look bad in a vain attempt to negate my legitimate call-out of their crap. I don't put a negative review on someone's page unless they screw me over or are just a complete jerk in some way that violates the game.
VegasMazza3 on Tuesday November 29, 2011
PGA: EasyMoney + VegasMazza3.
ChristSaves on Friday October 28, 2011
not nice to play with!!
SmartJoker on Saturday August 6, 2011
seemed ok.
leonflintleon on Saturday August 6, 2011
just aheads up... a lot of people play unfairly, i will do things with very thin reasoning, sorry if i hurt your feelings
Troy11 on Saturday June 25, 2011
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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