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I would love some pu-tang pie right about now
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just a poor gay. never trust this noob. he will flag and backstabb you. how sad is your life little kiddie? kill yourself.
Huge Tittie Teen on Sunday September 5, 2010
This guy is an asshole. First he asks a female player if her "carpet" matches her "curtains". Than he procedes to insult anyone who stands in his way. Deffinitly doesn't know the meaning of sportsmanship.
Chiron0224 on Saturday July 10, 2010
idiot players no respect flags
zslc on Saturday July 10, 2010
Man Of The Year on Friday July 9, 2010
SHO-GUN on Thursday July 1, 2010
This guy is simply a jerk. We could use less of this type of person.
tiraid on Monday June 28, 2010
pretty nasty in tourney - destructive play
PRESlDENT on Tuesday June 22, 2010
fair player :)
speca on Saturday June 19, 2010
idiot players no respect and no corect players.. pga very players or tournaments!!
bivo on Tuesday June 15, 2010
you see, the point is that you intentionally made sure I got second. you took the chance of a fair fight away from me. two games in a row, tho the first one was just luck, I don't blame you for that. you had NO profit. all you did was fuck my game. for NO profit for yourself AT all. all you did was be an asshole. it did you no good (quite the contrary) and it was bad for me. that makes you an asshole. period.
Das_Pithlit on Tuesday May 25, 2010
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