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I don't disrespect flags, I disrespect idiots
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Big Swanging Boobs. -avatar PM325 2:27 PM, Friday September 3, 2010 EDT

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70PriestJubie's turn krueger427 defended 8v8, 15 to 40, (2,3,1,1,4,1,2,1 to 6,5,6,3,6,5,4,5) 70PriestJubie sits out +4 dice hahaha epic loss
manofmagic on Thursday April 7, 2011
great player
semmll on Wednesday January 19, 2011
doesn't respect flags.
eejo on Sunday January 16, 2011
pga played in tourney with 70PriestJubie ryan will be posted the last 5 games to show besides other players watching also said the same thing
sharron_peters on Saturday September 4, 2010
@kaneda_z sorry i was unable to respect you after you used extremely profane language towards me and fellow players.
70PriestJubie on Wednesday August 11, 2010
backstabs and farms. dont trust
kaneda_z on Wednesday August 11, 2010
honourable player
blackrobber on Wednesday August 11, 2010
Hey Jubie, Great tourney. Sorry I had to not accept your flag in that one game in the tourney. I don't normally disrespect flags even in tourneys. But since I don't play that many tourneys i wasn't sure how to go about it. My bad.
ffbsensei on Sunday August 8, 2010
flags then attacks when I let him get stronger. Dishonest, don't trust
GeneralBigBalls on Sunday August 8, 2010
gave you a second chance also and in view of today's games ill retract my earlier comments. and remove my perma pge against you
PureOdyssey on Sunday April 5, 2009
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