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"Your theory is crazy young man but not crazy enough"
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Recognized on 3:43 PM, Monday April 28, 2008 EDT by honda tech
Thank you for all of you're tip/advice. It really helps people learn to play better.

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MRBures on Saturday June 30, 2012
very fair player -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
Groper on Saturday June 23, 2012
Very fair player
Warlord Varl on Monday June 4, 2012
Nice player!
Rowen on Tuesday September 7, 2010
A flute without a hole is not a flute, and donut without a hole is just a danish. People like you ruin the fun of kdice. Enjoy your points.
willod on Tuesday December 22, 2009
Damon87 on Wednesday July 8, 2009
great player, he understand what's honour means
DSpringsteen on Friday July 3, 2009
why do all the douchebag players get recognized. dude, whining doesn't make the game any fun. i hope you're happy with your 100 points. i. don't. care.
existential on Tuesday June 30, 2009
Anal prolapsing cucumber ass-fucker. Several visits to the ER to remove objects from his rectum. Losing tosser and cry baby. He locked up his family in his basement and feeds them pizza crusts and rapes them. What a piece of shit. FUCK YOU FAG!
The Mad Cadder on Monday May 18, 2009
He sucks fat out of cows! so I don't have too!
medicallyalive on Saturday April 4, 2009
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