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very fair player
Tippy G on Wednesday July 23, 2014
idiot dipshit
JJohnson on Friday July 18, 2014
Fart gargling gnu strangler with herpies, crabs, genital warts and a fungal infection in his urinary tract.
jfcxncgn on Sunday June 29, 2014
Noob doesnt understand kdice simple rules
Rafkrik on Thursday June 19, 2014
fluxboxer on Tuesday June 17, 2014
PGA = fucking idiot, plays by his own rules, disrespects flags, accepts when he wants IdanLevy: flag purp Cirdan: ok roto2: me too roto2: what a pussy XD roto2: :P:P Cirdan: ok ireneo: ;) IdanLevy: flag brown ireneo: thx IdanLevy: what are you doing purp?? IdanLevy: what the hell was that?! Cirdan: on second thoughy Cirdan: i dont really like you
IdanLevy on Sunday June 8, 2014
dom99 on Sunday June 1, 2014
well..i admit i did a mistake in that one game - i didnt get you flagged me when you did so....i was somewhere else with my mind and didnt pay attention and didnt get i was teal..i know it sound weird to missread a flag to your own color, but its true...also i was wrong coz of your flag to green....i reread the chat....it probably wont change your mind about me, but still i apologize for my acting that one game..i dont know or remember if we had trouble before... i remember you had another av before, but i cant connect it with bad games in my mind ...you already told me your opinion about me - its ok if you think so. still...i did a mistake and i apologize for that.
Mrs. M on Friday May 2, 2014
retiy on Friday March 21, 2014
pga with cirdan and bivo during tournament.
Tagur2 on Wednesday January 1, 2014
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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