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play restored, I am sure you will just do normal acceptable tourney strategy from now on again +play jurgen 3:59 AM, Saturday February 19, 2011 EST
1 day warning not to favour people that long in a tourney -play -avatar jurgen 8:37 AM, Friday February 18, 2011 EST

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<3 you gris
Fonias on Friday October 8, 2010
Good and fair player! i'll see you around... Ciao
DiceMaster2 on Monday October 4, 2010
just a fucking idiot always cry if u touch one of his lands doesnt know how to lose letting the others play in peace
l33tZ on Friday September 24, 2010
Good and fair player i like this guy :-)
olkainry38 on Thursday September 23, 2010
Grisu you write bad reviews just because you lose? It's not good...
Davin on Tuesday September 14, 2010
rude noob, strange thinking
Vissengard on Tuesday September 7, 2010
About: Like: - Fair players Dislike: - Pointwhores - Backstabber he says that but he truces and pgas the reason he likes fir players is becuase he can't beat unfair players like himself truce/PGA with pkrangerpk - never attacked each other the whole get then pkrangerpk asked him to truce and he agreed
bluff or not? on Thursday September 2, 2010
Shuuriken Raseng on Tuesday August 31, 2010
Fair player, helped me out when someone else backstabbed me. This was even after I misclicked and attacked Grisu by accident.
March Hair on Tuesday August 31, 2010
fucking point-whore. Dont accept my flag after i fight him. We fight for 1/2 and i flagged after an attack from me, but he att me after my flag for Dom-points. Fucking moron.
mrRo on Tuesday August 31, 2010
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