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can not have nudity -avatar These cards suck 11:47 PM, Wednesday June 3, 2009 EDT

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I watched him stab a guy in a tourney.
4november on Sunday September 27, 2015
bad player
TimeR_rW on Thursday August 6, 2015
fuck you retadr mother homic im add moron!bad player!
bivo on Monday September 2, 2013
LOL at people writing whole paragraphs on someone's review page. Mrs. M is just bitching because I attacked her instead of doing what she wanted.
stonezone on Saturday August 31, 2013
PGA with Rampollo --- was hiding and when he was strong enough he started a 3vs1 on me instead of going for Rampollo who was clearly more of a treat then me to stonezone - even disrespected two real flags in this game (Fredste's real flag for 4th and mine for 3rd) to save his PGA-buddy's 2nd) - maybe he disrespected mine coz of bitching, but there was no need to disrespect Fredste's real flag - like Rampollo's flag to stonezone was complete bullshit ---> obvious and bad hidden PGA...... witness: Fredste, Pustato
Mrs. M on Monday August 26, 2013
LOL. Online racists, gotta love them. stonezone: ya... filthy nigger... typical
ClicketyClack on Friday August 2, 2013
just another prick, in a prick paradise... do you even lift?
RupertHupert on Friday July 12, 2013
good guy, nice fights....
kuefra on Thursday July 11, 2013
agree with avigor
Souper Hero on Saturday June 29, 2013
PGA with Lappenkindx3
samu15 on Friday June 21, 2013
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