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Fucking retard
Noldy on Friday July 9, 2010
flagged me and then attack me, fucking idiot!
kalande on Wednesday June 23, 2010
IDIOT who deliberately ignored my flag in tourney and took away a safe 3rd with a cut when i had a total of 10 lands whereas my opponent only had s with low stack..., then pretended he had not read, i laugh out loud, he has a sick mind and enjoys hurting and mistreating other people... later he admitted it was a kind of revenge for some other game
PRESIDENT N° 1 on Tuesday June 22, 2010
idiot no respect flag"!!
bivo on Monday June 14, 2010
dickhead who goes after people after accepting flag "sry didnt see" first time.. then second time just rampages on me... do not trust his acceptance of a flag
Jazcan on Monday June 7, 2010
what an idiot
deafjupiter on Monday June 7, 2010
dosn't respect flags =/
flyorbine on Monday June 7, 2010
dirty filthy low life scum .... no respect for others and no respect for his word .... then he said he wanted to cum on my face, is that gay or what !!!!
barmat on Saturday June 5, 2010
doesn't respect flags
moTTom on Saturday June 5, 2010
not respecting flags
_BLizZaRd_ on Thursday June 3, 2010
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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