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not the best counter partner. after one of the guys in 1/2 flagged out, the other tried to flag him and that decision took pretty long. then he stabbed.
K-Man on Saturday January 31, 2015
Started the strangest chat in a room I've ever seen... something about cuddling up with his Mom... and then putting the moves on her. Simply disgusting.
RussellinSacto on Monday January 12, 2015
Has the wit of a 15 year old, and plays the game with no finesse.
DoobiusMalcor on Monday January 5, 2015
First round flags me like a bitch - then totally stabs me when things aren't going his way. Not to be trusted - Total tool. I mean who flags in the first round anyways?
-MD- on Monday December 8, 2014
decent, fair player. I enjoyed a good game with him/her. Thanks!
FoxT on Friday November 28, 2014
wEiRd0 on Thursday January 16, 2014
freaky like me on Thursday December 5, 2013
pga ktom
Wooot on Monday December 2, 2013
Prefers his balls licked by a black squirrel prior to sucking Miley's anus
Wiley Pete on Thursday September 15, 2011
horrible player and backstabbing asshole
akwroc on Wednesday August 10, 2011
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