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Big Jumblies

caesar-blue: i wont complain bout my luck, coz im sitting with Big Jumblies
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Honorable player.
818L8 on Saturday December 21, 2019
vulgar, stupid, rude : perfect for kdice
avesano on Thursday February 28, 2019
He's so TALL, and handsome as HELL..... He's so BAD but he does it so WELL!!
wwww on Thursday February 28, 2019
BJ: flag blue me: ty bj then proceeds to stab me because he flagged During the exact second i was on my attack round then he dies anyways dishonorable player rofl
Lemonnoob on Sunday February 24, 2019
Kdice is not the same without new amazing boobs everyday. This player must be loved!
MUTOMBA on Thursday February 7, 2019
big floppy donkey dick
MeanMachineDean on Friday January 18, 2019
Great and nice player
Pawe? Woroniecki on Wednesday December 12, 2018
Welcome back Jumbs!
greeen on Sunday November 18, 2018
amazing..you should go to church(kdice church?)
Bachus on Saturday July 4, 2015
Big Jumblies you missed the Cthulhu day sing along! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxScTbIUvoA
Prof Chaos on Sunday March 31, 2013
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