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~Beer~ wrote
at 9:05 PM, Monday April 25, 2016 EDT
Greenhorn91 wrote
at 8:33 AM, Thursday June 27, 2013 EDT
eh you're a member -.-
~Beer~ wrote
at 5:54 AM, Wednesday April 10, 2013 EDT
Great day to be Alive!

~Beer~ wrote
at 5:54 AM, Wednesday April 10, 2013 EDT
Great day to be Alive!

~Beer~ wrote
at 5:53 AM, Wednesday April 10, 2013 EDT

~Beer~ wrote
at 11:51 AM, Monday March 19, 2012 EDT
sebaj: you backstabbed brown
~Beer~: how?
~Beer~: if there's trust
sebaj: in 500 table you don't take lands from someone you flagged to
~Beer~: i will flag and give him the land first
stanleyshoh: u flged brown,remember?
ALEC BALDWIN: let them fight
ALEC BALDWIN: might be interesting
sebaj: no
~Beer~: k well thanks for teaching me
~Beer~: but how did you ever learn?
ALEC BALDWIN: why not?
sebaj: yes learn to play
~Beer~: if nobody tells you
sebaj: FAIR
~Beer~: come on teal
~Beer~: you be fair
stanleyshoh: teal you gotgive a hand on this
ALEC BALDWIN: what is the problem?
sebaj: try to
~Beer~: brown aint mad
~Beer~: are you two pga or something?
sebaj: he can't wait in the corner and than tak you lands and win someone who is stronger
~Beer~: lol
~Beer~: ok teal PGE fucker
stanleyshoh: can i save my stack when u fighting?
ALEC BALDWIN: teal you also farmed me bigtime
stanleyshoh: toatly unfair
sebaj: ?? i fight you
~Beer~: fucking right you did teal
ALEC BALDWIN: after my flag
sebaj: you eat my lands and than flagged
~Beer~: back the fuck up teal
sebaj: yes
sebaj: you farmed me right before
ALEC BALDWIN: i was trying to win
sebaj: you didn't think i'll let you my lands and the dom too
~Beer~: blue you scared of a 17 year old teen on a dice game?
~Beer~: you little bitch
stanleyshoh: purp i guess u dont obey laws neither in reallife
ALEC BALDWIN: i dunno you took a lot of stuff and let me cut
~Beer~: be a fuckin man
sebaj: i took back my lands that's all
~Beer~: lets do this one on one
sebaj: AND accepted your flag
stanleyshoh: see what u got, teal
~Beer~: pge for you both
sebaj: don't let him grow blue
stanleyshoh: u call it fair, when u eat from teal?
stanleyshoh: what kind of fair it is?
~Beer~ wrote
at 3:34 PM, Saturday February 18, 2012 EST
If you enjoyed my play, please, please, please leave a good review! =)
~Beer~ wrote
at 4:24 PM, Monday February 13, 2012 EST
Riles P: flag yellow <----------------
BiggusDickus: flag yell
~Beer~: k ty
Zxcvbq: fla gyellow
~Beer~: k ty
~Beer~: k ty

Riles P: yellow may i come through?
~Beer~: sure

~Beer~: gg
Riles P: yup gg
Zxcvbq: lol
~Beer~: ok np
~Beer~: it's a small investment

Zxcvbq: unbelievable backstab
Riles P: didnt ask for real flag <---------
Riles P: ofcourse i stab
Zxcvbq: you said "yellow flag"
~Beer~ wrote
at 6:58 PM, Saturday February 11, 2012 EST
Only people that are angry seem to leave reviews. =(
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