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I'm so bad...
GhorghorBey on Tuesday November 10, 2009
Nice u watched my game Karsten! I had options for first but referred to flag for a save second and then he said its too late to flag cause i refused to flag him earlier, and killed me last.
Mustang on Tuesday November 10, 2009
Waits for a flag, then starts farming when his win is safe.
Karsten4130 on Tuesday November 10, 2009
doesn't respect flags, 2v1's any time he gets the opportunity,
BurnNotice on Saturday September 19, 2009
Idiot, be aware.
marpuch on Monday September 14, 2009
Arrogant dude, no fun playing with him. Decides flags are not valid anymore whenever it suits him...
The_Chiller on Thursday August 20, 2009
mudkipz on Thursday August 20, 2009
the best mother fucker player
BlackKnight12 on Saturday June 6, 2009
I don't know if he's a good or a bad player, but i have to say i got a bit annoyed when i had been fighting for third for a long time. When suddenly he attacks and kills me, and i am out of the tournament. That doesn't make him a bad player, just i tiny bit idiot.
Mr.Knull on Thursday March 19, 2009
doesn't let u fight for positions. watch out 4 this guy.
surfierox8 on Wednesday March 18, 2009
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