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I am a giant deceptive face
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koki1212 on Friday May 31, 2013
really sorry, i needed to try, i wouldnt do it if you had any chance hope you understand
celta on Saturday May 25, 2013
accepts flags, and then attacks u anyway. What a dishonest piece of shit!!
mrRo on Friday May 24, 2013
flagged early stabbed late. pretty typical play from what i have seen. Just keep reading the reviews, wish i would have. Happy Rolling
hcdug on Thursday May 23, 2013
A good guy I must say =]
LearnToLive on Sunday May 19, 2013
Hey Matan Nov, easy to find you. Watch your ass dog!
DaDonDave on Sunday May 19, 2013
fair player in a tournay!was a pleasure!
fish28 on Saturday May 18, 2013
well pathetic player. When he gets 1st he made his own rules.
Egazas on Friday May 17, 2013
doenst respekt flags and wonder when i attack back after he try to killing me
Xacu on Saturday April 6, 2013
Agrees to roll as part of truce, then he lost the roll and attacked me.
Riles P on Monday March 11, 2013
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