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no honor, no brain
nurek on Friday April 15, 2011
no respect for flags, and clearly hasn't cleaned his mouth for a long time.
shoi on Wednesday March 2, 2011
it seems like his ass has been kicked too many times.... he hasnt played in a long time
Anarky94 on Friday January 21, 2011
no honour, would 2v1 a player even when offered to sit instead for a guaranteed poisition
Daedalus724 on Tuesday January 11, 2011
idiot players no respect flag!!
bivo on Monday January 10, 2011
Awful. He'll do anything for a win.
LuxuriousLovings on Thursday January 6, 2011
During 100 Nightly he was supposed to flag out for 5th and be faithful. Instead he attacked me and disrespected everyone's flag. A very sneaky player that should never be trusted. Ever.
smokethisbiach on Saturday September 11, 2010
another prick that loves to attack them who flagged his way.
OH Yoshimi on Thursday September 9, 2010
Keeps talking trash to other players, calls them "stupid", whines after losing or when people gather to fight him when he's in the lead... total douchebag
Klayhamn on Monday April 26, 2010
There was me, red, and Ajedrez. Me and Ajedrez truced against red, but when red flagged Ajedrez, Ajedrez accepted it and i got killed. DOESNT RESPECT TRUCE
Jozio0506 on Monday April 19, 2010
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